Don't Buy, Don't Breed.
Please Adopt a Bird in Need.

Rich Weiner started his love for birds when he purchased "Prince", his male CAG.  Soon after that came "Ninja" his female U2.  That was over 18 years ago.  He soon became known as the man who will take in your unwanted bird.  After realizing what a need there is for companion bird rescue, he started a Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Inc.

In addition to running the Refuge, Rich is a police/fire lieutenant.  Rich is also certified as an Avian Specialist by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC).  Rich is also a certified wildlife rehabilitator and educator for raptors (hawks, eagles, owls, & falcons) and the Refuge is home to one resident red-tailed hawk, Pierce.

Our Mission Is Simple

To work in joint cooperation with all avian rescue groups to try to eliminate the need for rescue groups by educating the public about aviculture issues. Until that is accomplished, we will provide a sanctuary for those unfortunate parrots that are in need of a home.