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Monday, December 22, 2014 Greys

The African Grey Parrot is a medium-sized parrot of the genus Psittacus, and is one of the most intelligent birds. They feed primarily on nuts and fruits, supplemented by leafy matter.

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Addison - Congo African Grey

Addison - Congo African Grey ( / African Greys)

Hi! My name is Addison. I am no stranger to the Refuge, through no fault of my own. My last fami...
from Erica
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Dandy - Congo African Grey

Dandy - Congo African Grey ( / African Greys)

Hi, my name is Dandy. I'm a beautiful Congo African Grey who came to live at the Refuge in the Summ...
from Erica
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Luna - Congo African Grey

Luna - Congo African Grey ( / African Greys)

Hello, my name is Luna and I'm a Congo African Grey. I was born in Georgia and came to live at the ...
from The Refuge
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