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Leo - Goffin's Cockatoo

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Well, hello there! My name is Leo and I'm a Goffin's cockatoo.

I was born in April of 2000, which means I'm almost 11 years old.

I'm a spunky boy who loves a home-cooked [bird] meal. I enjoy veggies too, and showers are taken with relish. My favorite toys are the soft wood kind.

While I've been known to mutilate my chest sometimes and have even had to wear a collar in the past, I've been collar-free and fully feathered for several years now.

I tell everyone how pretty I am by saying "Pretty bird!" in a very cute Goffin's voice. I'm also quite the dancer and will dance along with you, following your head motions up and down and side to side.

I have a tendency to prefer women - quite the lady's man, huh? I love my cage and all the toys in it. I don't always step up very easily, but if you offer me a towel to step up onto, sometimes this is easier for me. I love spending time on the Java tree in the cockatoo room, stretching my wings and taking in all the action around me.

Update from Leo's Foster Home:

I’m currently looking for an experienced bird handler to provide me with love, patience and respect (I have shown a preference for women). I was hurt in my past, and as you might expect I’m learning to love again.

I am very affectionate and I want someone to love and trust in return. I have a BIG personality and in my own mind, I’m a clown/entertainer. The more I can make you laugh, the happier I am. I have awesome dance moves and I can sing with the best of them. I am a good talker and imitator, who will remind you how much of a “pretty bird” I am. I enjoy listening to music, playing on a hanging swing, dancing, chewing wood toys, and foraging for my favorite treats. I play very well independently (I am not a “Velcro bird”), and I am very good about staying on my cage while being allowed out. I also listen very well when you tell me it’s time to go back in.

Please do not become discouraged when you come to see me if I don’t exhibit these behaviors. I am a bird who is a bit intimidated by my environment here, however I can easily adjust to your home. In foster care, I shared a home with a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, 3 parakeets, and a 9 year old child. I did very well in this environment.

Should you need references, my foster mom would love to meet with you to let you know how great I am. Please make an appointment to come and see me, after all we could be soul mates.


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Leo - Goffin

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