• I saw a parrot that I am interested in on your website. How can I meet it? +

    We are happy to hear you are interested in meeting one of the parrots. Please email us or call us at (847) 509-1026. We can't wait to hear from you!
  • How can I tell if a parrot is good with children, house trained, leash-trained, or good around other animals? +

    Please give us a phone call. We'd be happy to discuss the parrot's personality traits.
  • What should I bring? +

    If you have been approved and you currently have birds, we need proof of current vet records to include: psittacosis, beak and feather, polyoma, CBC, avian borna virus, avian chemistry panel (including bile acids), fecal, a papilloma check, and a general examination. While this can be cost prohibitive, we cannot place our birds, all of whom have had these tests, into a home with birds that have not been tested to these standards.
  • How long will the adoption process take? +

    That depends. We are a small, all-volunteer organization that work full-time jobs outside of the rescue in order to support the rescue. Please be patient with us. Each application will be carefully reviewed and given the utmost consideration it deserves, just as our birds do.
  • Why do we charge for adoptions? +

    It takes money, time, and considerable effort to find these birds forever homes and often times we have costly veterinary bills for these birds, but our fees are much less than retail and are based on the individual bird.
  • Is it possible to adopt a parrot if I live in another state? +

    Due to many of the problems we have found and the costs involved in out of state adoptions, we are suspending adopting out of state until further notice. Also, since we are required to perform a home inspection, we must now limit our distance to travel (at the discretion of the Director).
  • Will you ship a bird to where I live? +

    We do not ship our birds ever! Please don't call us and ask us to do this as it is highly stressful for the bird, costly, and most airlines won't ship anymore since the tragedies of 09/11. Also, we must perform a home inspection, which means you need to live within reasonable traveling distance. Further, you must meet the bird prior to our decision to adopt to you. This way we know the bird will like you and you will like the bird.
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