Addison's Story

Breed: Congo African Grey

Hi! My name is Addison.

I am no stranger to the Refuge, through no fault of my own. My last family loved me very much but my favorite person, my dad, became severely allergic to me so sadly, they had to return me to the Refuge.

I've been back for a few months now and am settling back into the routine. The nice people here think that I'm ready to put myself back out "on the market", so to speak. Basically, that means I'm looking for another person or family who will fall in love with me and invite me to live with them.

I do prefer men, and behave much better with them. This doesn't mean women can't live in the same house, but I do request that my main "person" and caretaker be a man.

If you think we may be a match, please contact the Refuge so we can meet.


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