Corky's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Congo African Grey

Adopted: August, 8, 2008

Good News! Corky went home on 08-08-08 to his forever home. Lots of tears of happiness and some of sadness went with the occasion. We shall keep you poted on his progress.

Corky had come to the Refuge because his Dad became very ill and had to have a transplant. It did not take and he was not doing well so Corky's Mom felt that she needed to place Corky with the Refuge so he did not get neglected.

Corky can be quite loving, but generally prefers females. He is a little shy about stepping up out of his cage, but if you wrap a towel around your arm, he will step up. Once he is out of the cage, he has no problems stepping up for anyone who is confident about asking him to. He does have a problem with some feather growth in one wing so he does not fly and needs to be monitored so as not to hurt his wing.

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