Zulu's Story

African Grey

Breed: Congo African Grey

Zulu was adopted by Lori and we get updates every so often ... now we have some pictures!

Zulu is now stepping up on to my hand! He is such a wonderful bird and I knew with lots and lots of patience he would come around. He still prefers the handheld perch when he is being territorial (On Leona's cage) but will offer kisses on any of those occasions.

Zulu is the Rockstar in our house and has become quite the Casanova as well. When he is out of his cage he chases after Leona, our Timneh, for kisses saying "you're okay" all the while. He also has taken to giving me kisses in the morning and at night before he says "nite-nite".

He has also been a fantastic nanny to our 3 1/2 yr old daughter scolding her in a perfect mimic of my voice. He'll say "Sophie, NO!" in appropriate situations and alert me when she is being naughty. His voice is so similar to mine that he can yell for Sophie and she will say "What Mom?". Just now as I passed his cage he said for the first time "Hi Lori".

In the meantime we are waiting to hear back from the Jeopardy show regarding his entry application.

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