Jasper's Story

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Breed: Umbrella Cockatoo

Gender: Female

Hi - thanks for stopping by to view my profile! My name is Jasper but I’m actually a girl. I’m an Umbrella Cockatoo and I am beautiful - if I do say so myself!

Plus, my friends at the Refuge always tell me how pretty I am. I am a sweetheart who loves to cuddle. What makes cuddling even better is receiving a good head rub! I do not like other birds and have been known to attack them, so if you would like to adopt me, please make sure that I will be your only bird.

I also really love my people… so much so that I may get upset if you come too close to the person I’m spending time with. However, I’m not a one-person bird as I do like to interact with many of the volunteers.

Aside from cuddling, I really like shiny stainless steel food and water dishes. They’re very pretty to look at! I recently learned how to tap my beak on the dishes, almost like I’m playing a drum. Who knew what pretty noises those dishes can make?! Speaking of noises, I say “hello” in a very sweet, quiet voice. It actually sounds more like “Helloooo”.

While I don’t scream constantly, I am a cockatoo and I do enjoy letting loose on occasion. I can be loud when I want to be. Please be prepared to accept this quality. If you think I may be the bird for you, please contact the Refuge to ask about our adoption procedure.

Lots of love,

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