Peachie's Story

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Breed: Moluccan Cockatoo

Gender: Female

Hi, my name is Peachie!

Prior to coming to live at the Refuge, I lived my whole life with one family. Sadly, my mom became allergic to me and the allergies led to asthma. My mom spent lots of money on allergy medication in hopes of keeping me around, but it wasn't working and she kept getting sicker. She made the hard decision to turn me in to the Refuge.

I'm a very sweet girl who wants nothing more than to sit on your shoulder and watch the world go by. Head rubs are always welcome too, of course! Unlike many of the cockatoos here, I don't like almonds or walnuts. The way to my heart is by making me almond butter sandwiches - I LOVE those things!

I've got a couple of special talents: I'm a fantastic "cook" - I make great stew using my food and water supplies and I can play the drum on the back of a metal measuring cup or food dish. The later always makes the humans laugh.

Check out what my foster mom has to say about me:

Peachie is settling down slowly. She was first in the dining room opposite Pep, but did not care for the television and was screaming at the top of her lungs whenever the television was turned on. It was a prime spot for getting stuff and food from the kitchen though.

I moved her into the breakfast nook area in the kitchen over the weekend, which seemed to be better. She can see us when we are in the kitchen, look out the sliding doors now she can also get onto the stand and look outside, however yesterday afternoon when she could not see us, she started screaming again. I left her alone, did not talk to her or cover her up, until Pep silenced her with a loud 'Cut it out, Bad Girl!' Pep usually says that when she bites someone, but it was so appropriate, it was funny. Peachie quieted down after that.

She does love human food, veggies, fruit, bread, but no pasta ... How weird is that? Pep loved her pasta, macaroni and cheese, and just any pasta I have in my plate, but not Peachie! She also steps up gingerly, after some coaxing from both Pep and I, but then get freaked out when I walk away from her cage. She has flown back a couple of times, but for a big bird, she is pretty clumsy! She is also not at all bothered with the cats; it is as if they are not even there. My son and his friends like her a lot, since she does not bite and she will step up for them, even if just for a short while.
Written by: Susanna VanGreunen

If you'd like to come meet me, please contact the Refuge for more information. I'll be waiting for your visit!

Lots of love,

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