Sammy's Story

Breed: Umbrella Cockatoo

Gender: Male

Hi, I'm Sammy! I am one fully feathered handsome guy! I came to the Refuge after my previous guardian released me to Niles Animal Hospital. I was adopted once but returned two years later when my family divorced. Needless to say, I'm looking for a stable and forever home.

I tend to really like blonde women and if you happen to be a favorite of mine, you'll know it.

I'm a big cuddler and also love to play underneath the paper at the bottom of my cage. I am flighted but don't use my wings for flying purposes all that much. I frequently say "Let me out!" even when I'm out of my cage. I say "Hello" in an adorable voice that always makes people laugh. I also say "Pretty bird" and imitate the laughter of those around me.

I also really love to take baths in the shower, just like a human. I have a huge personality and am looking for the right home to share it with. If you think you might be the person for me, please come by and meet me. Contact the Refuge for more information.

Lots of love,

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