Fred's Story

Breed: Umbrella Cockatoo

Birth Year: 1995

Adopted: February 2016

Well hello there! My name is Fred. I had a great family who loved me very much, but when they were no longer able to care for me, they found the Refuge. When I first came to the Refuge, I was scared and wasn't always very good at socializing with people. One of the volunteers, a teenage girl, took a liking to me and spent a lot of time working with me. We developed quite a bond and because of the time she spent with me, I learned to enjoy spending time with pretty much all the volunteers here at the Refuge.

I'm also quite a lady's man and have a Moluccan 'too girlfriend named PJ. I love to spend time with PJ on the Java tree, although sometimes I get a little too excited and preen PJ a little too roughly. Therefore, we're always supervised when we're playing together.

I do pluck my feathers so I tend to look a little bit naked sometimes. However, I promise that what I lack in feathers I more than make up for in personality! I'm an avid bather and sometimes the Refuge volunteers have to fill up my water bowl 3 and 4 times each day, due to my frequent baths. In addition to bathing, I enjoy spending time anting. For those of you who haven't witnessed a cockatoo anting, I suggest you come watch me - I'll show you how it's done. I've been known to ant pieces of wood that are bigger than my head!

Why not stop by the Refuge and see if you and I hit it off? We may end up being friends for life!

I was adopted in November 2014 by one of my favorite volunteers, but she got sick with Bird Keeper's Lung and sadly, can no longer live with birds. My transition back to the Refuge hasn't been too hard on me, since I know many of the nice people here.

Hope to meet you soon,

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