Paco's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Lesser Sulfer-Crested Cockatoo

Adopted: October 25, 2008

Paco has been adopted!

Paco was born in Hawaii and he’s gorgeous enough to belong right in the tropics.

He is not a fan of feet – gym shoes are a safer bet – but he loves toys that can be shredded. He also enjoys tearing cardboard boxes apart, and almonds are a preferred treat.

Easy listening music seems to calm him down, as does the shelter an un-shredded cardboard box can provide.

Paco had been adopted once by a wonderful family who boarded their Blue & Gold Macaw, Reboot at the Refuge. They fell head over heels for Paco and upon their return, adopted him. Almost two years later, their six month baby became very ill. The diagnosis was allergies and they were told to rid their lives of any and all potential allergens to see what may be causing it. They had two dogs, two cats, & two birds. They tried the dogs and the cats first. Placed the birds at a neighbor's house, cleaned the house top to bottom and the baby still had problems. They contacted the Refuge and the suggestion we provided was even more ominous, Bird Keeper's Lung. After a workup with a pulmonologist, the diagnosis was confirmed and it was realized that the birds had to go. So, reluctantly, both birds came to the Refuge.

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