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Molly 1 - Moluccan Cockatoo

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Hi there! I'm Molly, a Moluccan cockatoo. Contrary to what my name suggests, I'm actually a male. I am a wild-caught cockatoo who has already been in two different homes.

Being a wild-caught bird, it took me a while to learn to live with humans. However, once I get to know and trust you, I will step up easily and am quite the cuddler! I make great kissing noises and say "Hi Mol" with much enthusiasm.

I love getting baths with a spray bottle and get so excited that sometimes I do a two-foot hop across the top of my cage. As you can see in my picture, my chest is a bit plucked, but I promise that any lack of feathers does not take away from my personality. Besides, everyone here tells me what a pretty bird I am!

Oh! I almost forgot. I have a bit of a reputation around the Refuge: Best Chewer EVER

I love nothing more than a brand new wood toy! I take great pride in my ability to demolish my toys. We're talking turning pieces of wood bigger than my head into little toothpicks (all in less than 48 hours). I wonder if any toothpick manufacturers are taking applications....?

If you plan on adopting me, you absolutely, positively, MUST provide me with lots of wood to chew on. I also like boxes and bags, but wood is my favorite. I wouldn't suggest leaving me unsupervised in a room - my beak has a mind of its own.

If you'd like to learn more about me or maybe even come to meet me, please contact the Refuge.

UPDATE (November, 2014) - I was adopted by one of the volunteers at The Refuge, but sadly, she got sick with Bird Keeper's Lung and cannot live with birds anymore. I'm now back at the shelter, getting reacquainted with everyone.

Lots of Love,

Molly 1
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Molly 1 - Moluccan CockatooMolly 1 - Moluccan Cockatoo

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To work in joint cooperation with all avian rescue groups to try to eliminate the need for rescue groups by educating the public about aviculture issues. Until that is accomplished, we will provide a sanctuary for those unfortunate parrots that are in need of a home.