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Molly 2 - Moluccan Cockatoo

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Hi, my name is Molly 2! My real name is just plain Molly, but because there are two Moluccans at the Refuge, both with the name Molly, we are differentiated by the numbers 1 and 2. People don’t call me Molly 2 while playing with me… just Molly works for me.

I am a big, happy boy. Yes, I said “boy”! Obviously, my previous owner didn’t realize I was a boy, or else they probably wouldn't have chosen the name Molly. Although having a girl’s name may be a little embarrassing at times, it’s actually grown on me over the years.

I am fully feathered and have been told I’m very handsome - I tend to agree!

I am a sweet bird and I enjoy playing with many of my human friends at the rescue. I love spending time out of my cage. Head scratches and preening are always welcome! I love to entertain and frequently make people laugh. I have a bunch of different sayings, including “hello” and “hi bird”. I make lots of fun noises, including kissing noises and different whistles. If you’ve ever spent time around a Moluccan cockatoo, you’ve heard our ability to vocalize. I can be super loud at times. Many times, I’m just letting everyone know that I’m happy to be a bird. I love to hang onto the bars on top of my cage and swing my whole body back and forth. I also really love my almond butter sandwiches - these are a special treat for me and are sometimes used to bribe me to return to my cage.

Just like my other feathered friends at the rescue, I’m looking for that special person to fall in love with me and take me home. My person will need to have lots of experience with large birds, cockatoos in particular. I tend to get really excited, really quickly, and sometimes I forget my manners (especially the "don’t bite the hand that feeds you" rule). If you’re experienced in cockatoo behavior and once you’ve spent time with me, you’ll learn my warning signs and realize that I sometimes just need a little bit of quiet time to calm down.

I hope you will stop by to meet me! Please contact the Refuge for further information.

Lots of love,
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Molly 2 - Moluccan CockatooMolly 2 - Moluccan Cockatoo

Our Mission Is Simple

To work in joint cooperation with all avian rescue groups to try to eliminate the need for rescue groups by educating the public about aviculture issues. Until that is accomplished, we will provide a sanctuary for those unfortunate parrots that are in need of a home.