Kirby's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Blue-Crowned Conure

Hi! My name is Kirby. I was found flying outdoors on the North Shore. Luckily, some nice person approached me and turned me into the Refuge, where I've been living ever since.

Since coming to the Refuge, I've been diagnosed with Aspergillosis, so I'm on medication to make me feel better. Don't worry though - I'm really good about taking my medicine!

I tend to be a bit cage aggressive and will put on a big show if you open my cage to clean it. However, I will step up nicely onto a towel and once away from my cage, I am a fun guy. When I get excited, the feathers on my head fluff up and the volunteers at the Refuge just adore this "hairstyle" when I display it!

I don't especially like petting, but am very happy to ride around on your shoulder while you talk to me and point out different objects to me.

If you'd like to learn more about me, please contact the Refuge.


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