Cedric's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Black-Capped Conure

Cedric was adopted on November 2nd. We are very happy for him and hope to get an update soon from his new Mom.

Cedric is a tiny, gregarious, and engaging bird. He loves nothing better than to be on your shoulder and ride around watching the world—so much that you have to remind yourself to put him down to get a drink and eat. He doesn’t startle easily and will step up for anyone. He closes his eyes with pleasure when you rub his head. He bathes in his water dish.

He says Hi or Hey Cedric, squeaks like a dog toy when he is afraid, whistles, makes kissing noises, and of course has a conure call. (He is a confident bird and has not made his afraid noise for quite some time.) Cedric has a great appetite and loves the shelter mix. When he gets a nutriberry (a seed ball nearly as big as his head), he holds it in his left foot and trills as he munches it. For treats, he also loves walnut pieces, pine nuts (more his size!) and sunflower seeds in the shell. He will sample most human food after he sees his person eat it.

If you sit quietly, he will eventually decide to explore inside your tee shirt. He’ll poke his head in and out a few times, and then dive in. He takes great pleasure in climbing around, front and back, occasionally peeking out from the neck or armhole, purring the entire time.

Cedric needs all members of his new family to handle him from the beginning to avoid his becoming possessive of one person. He’ll love the attention. He will nap and eat in his cage when his people aren’t available. Come to the shelter and meet this funny little bird.

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