Big Louie's Story

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Breed: Yellow Collar Macaw

Big Louie was adopted from the Rescue several years ago, but returned to us when his adoptive father had an accident and was no longer able to care for him. She and Jerry took up right where they left off when she left…. Being the best of friends.

When Louie was at the Rescue she would spend the entire Saturday riding around on Jerry’s shoulder while he worked, saying “gimme kiss” and then kissing him loudly on the cheek. Beware though, she also said “gimme kiss" to volunteers that she did not care for, myself included… those kisses were really little nips!!

Louie came to live with us just a little while ago. I knew how much Jerry loved her, so I surprised him one day by bringing her home to live with us. She spends her entire day waiting for him to come home from work. Her cage is open, but she has no interest in coming out until Jerry gets home… then her fun begins.

She torments him during dinner, refusing to eat from her own bowl. She sits on the edge of his plate and eats from it (even though they generally have the same thing!). If he makes her wait because it is too hot, she runs up on his shoulder and pulls his ear until he lets her eat his food. Then it is couch time… for them, LOL. If I even attempt to sit within three couch cushions of Jerry, Lou Lou runs over to bite me. I have taken to barracading myself with pillows! So far, Louie is adapting well to our flock and to our home. We feel very lucky to have her.

Update on Big Louie, December 3, 2007: Well, as Lou Lou settles in, things get more interesting around here… especially at dinner time. Having Louie live with us is like eating dinner with Helen Keller. She eats whatever she wants out of your plate, puts her feet in your food, etc. We really need to work on her table manners.

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