Cosmo's Story

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Breed: Blue and Gold Macaw

Cosmo was adopted by Kevin and Kim, two of our wonderful volunteers.

When Cosmo came to live with us her acclimation was very easy into an existing one bird household. The biggest change was to our home traffic pattern due to Cosmo's optimal sleeping requirements. Our African Gray has his own bedroom with a sleeping cage that we transition him to at 6:00 pm each evening. However, Cosmo sleeps in her own big cage that is located in the family room which causes us to darken and exit that room after she goes to bed at by 8:30 pm.

Cosmo is a connoisseur of people food and loves to partake in any meal, preferably at the kitchen table. Some of her personal favorites are pasta with alfredo sauce, pizza (preferably the crust), cherrios, peanut butter bread, French fries and grapes. Cosmo has learned to help herself to the grapes left out on the table in a glass bowl and even flies her snacks to some other place to eat them. She loves sunning herself on the back of the couch or on her PVC stand in front of the rear patio window.

Cosmo's favorite pastime by far is playing with running water in the kitchen sink. It is not so much a shower, rather it is moving the bubbles formed by running water into a nearly full sink bowl. She becomes very verbal and animated when playing in the water which is easily an hour of long laughing as she entertains herself. Cosmo shows little jealousy to our African Gray and has never created a threat to our original parrot. She is very personable and welcomes visitors with one of her hundreds of colorful "Hi" s. Related to toys Cosmo is very low maintenance. Cosmo can never have enough empty water bottles or card board boxes. She still loves to play in our hot water tank box purchased last winter. She is flighted and has never created a threat to herself flying within the house, and really the only damage she has caused is to the kitchen cabinet doors through chewing. Like any girly girl Cosmo has her own purse that she loves to hold in one claw as she sits on her perch. The more purse accessories hidden inside the better!

Cosmo loves to travel and I have constructed a PVC stand for her that straps into my truck back seat in conjunction with her harness. She has done very well on our long 6+ hour trips to Ohio. Cosmo is in for the long haul and has thus far provided miles of happy times for the family.

By Kevin

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