Dandy's Story

macaw adoption

Breed: Military/Great Green Macaw

Dandy was brought to the Refuge after she was found in her deceased owner's house along with a Goffin's cockatoo. She was about 19 years old at the time based on Dr. Sakas' records. She did not like many people and always threatened everybody from the top of her cage door. One Saturday, she decided that she liked one of the volunteers, Susanna, and wanted her to pick her up, so she came to the other side of the cage and gave her foot to be picked up. At first Susanna was not exactly sure what her intentions were, but then she said 'step up' and insisted giving her foot. She stepped on Susanna's arm and proceeded to put her head on her chest and her wing around her arm and said 'ahh' almost like hugging her.

Susanna walked with her into the kitchen and Rich asked whether it was Georgie, another Military in the Refuge. When Susanna said it was Dandy. Both Rich and Karen said 'Take her! She hates everybody here and that's the first time she went to anybody on her own!'

Susanna was moving to California and had to board her birds at the Refuge for a few days, but on the day of her move, the adoption papers were signed and Dandy was loaded into the car along with the rest of the flock.

Dandy is a happy bird! She talks a lot and loves to hang out on her cage. She is starting to fly short distances and still is one of the biggest Military Macaws even Dr. Speer in CA has seen. He thinks she is a cross between a Great Green (Buffon) and a Military.

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