Georgie's Story

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Breed: Military Macaw

Gender: Female

Adopted: April 2016

Hi! I'm back at the Refuge now, after being adopted out for many months in 2013. My adopter started having medical issues and couldn't care for me anymore. So, I came back to the Refuge, which has been an easy transition for me, since I already know everyone here!

My name is Georgie - short for George C. Armstrong. I arrived at the Refuge with my Blue and Gold macaw buddy Marley. Initially, we were well taken care of, but then things started to go downhill. Marley and I were kept in a small cage together and fed a diet that is all too typical; mainly consisting of peanuts, sunflower seeds and dried peppers. While it was a yummy diet, it wasn't healthy for a pair of big macaws like us. We were told we reeked of cigarette smoke and it took a dozen or so baths we were back to our nice smelling selves. Enough about that though. We're taken very good care of at the Refuge. Marley went to her forever home in March 2011, and now I'm patiently waiting for mine. I've been lucky enough to have been fostered by two different teenage boys. I really adore teenage boys!

I have a special trick in that I can hang by one toenail, from the top of my cage while holding and eating a walnut in my other foot. I've been told I look like a bat when I do this! Among my vocalizations are "Hi George", "Hi Marley", "Hi bird" and "Goodbye". I've also been known to bite on occasion and then say "Ow"! I know, not very nice, huh? But it is kind of funny... hehehe!

If you think I may be just the bird you've been searching for, please contact the Refuge and come out to meet me!

Lots of love,

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