Griffin will have his TV debut on July 4th on Animal Planet. I am also including the other show dates that will be in the Extraordinary Animals series.

Season 1
Ep. 1 The Elephant Artist - Pachyderm Picasso airs 6/13
Ep. 2 The Grim Reaper Dog - Sit, Stay, Die NO AIRDATE YET
Ep. 3 The Smartest Sealion - Cerebral Sealion 6/20
Ep. 4 The Genius Parrot - Bird Brainiac 7/4
Ep. 5 The Greatest Ape - Orangu-Can? 6/27
Ep. 6 The Super Sonic Dolphin 7/18
Ep. 7 The Memory Chimp - Chimpan-Genius 7/25

SInce this series was filmed by Blink Films in the UK, it has already been aired overseas. I did find this link about Dr. Pepperberg and Griffin in The Sun" newspaper web site that discusses the show.

http://www.thesun. homepage/ news/article6222 39.ece