Upon submitting this form I enter into this agreement for the boarding of my bird(s) from the selected dates below with a Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Incorporated (hereinafter aRfStW, Inc. ©) I agree to pay the required amount per day for said services. I certify that my bird(s) have been tested and are negative for avian borna virus, polyoma, psittacosis, psittacine beak and feather, and have had a CBC, avian blood chemistry panel and a fecal within the last 12 months (please forward records indicating such).

Personal Info
Boarding Dates
Parrot Information
The Guardian agrees that no claim or legal action will be taken against aRfStW, Inc.©, it’s officers or agents by reason of this contract or any action of aRfStW, Inc.©. The Guardian accepts full legal responsibility for this(ese) animal(s) and it’s actions. Failure to comply with these conditions may subject the Guardian to legal action from aRfStW, Inc.© and I am aware that any monies spent by aRfStW, Inc.© are recoverable in such legal action. Further, this contract has a specified end date at which time payment in full is required to release said bird(s) to the Guardian. Failure to pay will subject the bird to not be released until such time that payment is made in full. For those situations in which a Guardian neglects to contact aRfStW, Inc.© for extending the boarding date or fails to pay and pickup said bird(s) after 30 days past the agreed upon termination date, the bird(s) will be placed up for adoption to allow us to recoup any monies not received. The Guardian is responsible for bringing toys. For those times this has not been provided, aRfStW, Inc.© will provide the bird with an adequate number of toys for proper mental stimulation and the Guardian charged for said toys.

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