Chuba's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Congo African Grey

Hi there! My name is Chuba. I was found flying outside and a kind person brought me to Niles Animal Hospital. Niles contacted the Refuge and that's how I find myself here. The nice people at the Refuge contacted a few people who had lost African Greys, but none of them were "my people". So, I'm settling in nicely here in my new surroundings. Rich, Karen and the volunteers are still learning about me. I do talk and in fact, I was able to tell them what my name is. I also make lots of fun noises. So far, I seem to prefer brunette women, but as I'm still settling in here, I'll keep them guessing as to whether I will end up liking others as well. I am a bit afraid of hands and really don't know how to step up. I will fly nicely to your head though! In time, I'm sure everyone here will help me overcome my fear of hands.

If you'd like to know more about me, please contact the Refuge and ask for Chuba!

Lots of love,

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