Sylvie's Story

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Breed: Congo African Grey

My husband, who is not a bird person, was adopted by Sylvie. Every time he walks past her cage, she fluffs up and places her head in the down position to be rubbed and cooed at (and boy does he do that!). Whenever he is out of the room she whistles for him and they have a duet. Now he has to pee and whistle at the same time and actually he's become very good at that!

We adopted Sylvie and her buddy Gracie a few years ago. Unfortunately Gracie succumbed to a massive embolism and passed away and we were afraid that Sylvie would mourn for her. I'm sure Sylvie did mourn (we all did, it was terrible), but she adopted Wayne as her new best friend and the rest is lovely to watch.

Sylvie uses me as transportation to her best bud and she will allow me to kiss her beak - but if I don't transport her fast enough she will give me a nip to let me know my time is up and she wants to get to Wayne already.

The nice part of this story is that Sylvie is so generous to accept my husband and my husband feels so successful by being loved by this bird. To Sylvie, Wayne is daddy and Rich is big daddy. Me, I'm chopped liver!

Sylvie's History: Sylvie was acquired by her previous owner through an ad in a newspaper, which makes one think that she has had an interesting life. She likes dried beans, apples, and grapes and enjoys toys that have a bell. She does prefer women, and can be very affectionate. She can imitate lots of sounds, and say “hello.” Sylvie and Gracie, her neighbor, enjoyed eating breakfast together.

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