Stormy's Story

amazon parrot adoption

Breed: Double-Yellow Headed Amazon

Gender: Female

Hi! My name is Stormy.

After my mom got married, I became very attached to her new husband. When they divorced, I missed my friend. My mom tried very hard, for many years, to make me happy, but she eventually realized I would be happier in a new home.

While living at the Refuge, I've shown that I still really prefer men. With women, I am sometimes prone to lunging if you put your fingers too near to my cage. I hope you'll respect me enough to understand this. I do, however, behave very well when people clean my cage. I just sit back and let them do their thing.

Like I mentioned above, I adore men! They're my absolute favorite. I can say a couple of words and also imitate several different sounds really well.

If you'd like to meet me, please contact the Refuge to learn more about me. Thanks for checking out my profile!


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