Peter's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Yellow-Naped Amazon

Passed: October 2013

Unfortunately Peter passed away. She had been adopted, as her foster mother just could not return her to the Rescue. The two of them had become quite close and Peter had been a happy bird at home.

Peter was actually a girl, as she had some trouble laying an egg when she came to the Refuge, and she had to have an operation to fix it. After that, she had been one of the happiest and friendliest additions to the Refuge.

She had quite an extensive vocabulary as well as a variety of songs, sung and whistled. She would do a spin dance when we sung together. She would also tell you to “shut up”, if you sang off key (quite common).

Peter loved companionship, and would call out ”what’s going on?” if she couldn't see you, or give an increasingly insistent “hello-o”. She gave gentle kisses and said “I love you”. She also hunkered down and screamed “Murder – Murder” in a deep sinister voice followed by “Oh Yeah!”

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