Baby 1's Story

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Breed: Umbrella Cockatoo

Gender: Male

Hi! I'm Baby 1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure you can tell by looking at my picture that I'm a pretty handsome guy. I don't always preen myself properly, and as such, my feathers take on a bit of a shredded look. I think this makes me look quite distinguished from all the other white birds in my room!

I am not very good at stepping up. It's just not one of my fortes. However, if you're willing to work with me, you may just be able to change that! I have a couple of things that I absolutely love above all else: under-wing rubs and boxes and bags in my cage. See? I don't ask for much!

As soon as you open my door, I'll come over to my door perch and lift up my wings in anticipation of some petting. After you clean my cage, if you put a box or bag in there, I'll be your best friend forever! I say "Hello" in a very cute voice. I am at least 25 years old and definitely need to live with someone who has cockatoo experience. Once I learn to trust you, I'll be the best companion you could ever ask for! If you'd like to meet me or learn more about me, please contact the Refuge.

With love,

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