Rosie's Story

Cockatoo parrot adoption

Breed: Moluccan Cockatoo

Gender: Female

Hi, I'm Rosie!

Like my name suggests, I am a female. I've proven it over the years by occasionally laying an egg.

I tend to be a bit shy around humans, but I really like other birds. I have a special friend at the Refuge. Her name is Maxine and she's a Goffin's cockatoo. You should go check out her profile after you read mine.

I adore spray bottle baths and scream with delight while getting a good soaking. I've also been known to drink from the spray bottle! As I mentioned, I'm a little shy around humans and it'll take me a while to really trust you. If you have patience and are willing to put in the time to get to know me, I may just end up being your best friend!

Want to come and meet me? Contact the Refuge to learn more.

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