Tony's Story

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Breed: Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Gender: Male

Hi, my name is Tony! I'm a bit choosy when it comes to who I like, but I'm really sweet once I get to know you. I like to cuddle up underneath your chin while you pet me. I adore under wing rubs and clack my beak while receiving them. I'm really good at chewing up pieces of wood and I'm the only bird at the Refuge who had his very own toy box at the bottom of my cage. Lucky bird, huh?

Update from Tony's foster mom - March 2009: Last year, I had the opportunity to be fostered by one of my favorite volunteers. Here's what she had to say about me. "Tony stayed at my house for a few weeks to see how he would interact with other people and animals away from his normal surroundings. Unbeknownst to me, Tony talks! When I first drove him home, he started talking, saying "Hi Tony", "Pretty Bird" in a high-pitched voice. He also barks, whistles, and makes hissing sounds.

When we got home, he was scared at first, but soon settled in and loved the surroundings. He is a little weary of the cats, but never attacked, always went to higher grounds. He was happy outside on his perch, then would either climb down and walk over to where I was, or would take off flying a couple of rounds before landing ether on me or the back of the sofa.

Tony always liked me at the Refuge, so it was easy to trust him to sit on my leg, or on my shoulder. Since it is slowly becoming Spring, I did keep him off my head, as he was getting hormonal and I did not want to take that chance. He at first was content to sit by my son for a bit, but once he started getting hormonal he was more territorial and chased him out of the room once or twice, so I would definitely be careful around him during this time. He is a great bird and will be a great companion for someone who can spend time with him. He is a typical Cockatoo and gets lonely fast, so he definitely needs a lot of time and company, or he does get noisy. I really hope he gets adopted into a good home, as he is a sweetheart with the right person."

Written by: Susanna VanGreunen

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