Buddy's Story

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Breed: Sun Conure

Gender: Female

Adopted: September 15, 2007

Buddy is a bright, bubbly, female who can be prone to bouts of hormones and may lay an egg or two every so often. She is sweet and loves to ride on your shoulder for hours on end. Buddy is a papaya junkie; don’t ever take it away from her!

When she bonds with people, she does it intensely and will even fly across the room to be with someone she loves.

Buddy is missing a toe due to an infection, but she is not impaired by it in the least. She will not eat unless she is in the company of people or other birds.

Update from Buddy's forever home - August 15, 2008: We just wanted to remember this day with you. One year ago today, we adopted our sweet Butterball. She continues to be such joy in our lives.

She is such a happy bird. Every morning when she wakes up, she comes out on her Java tree to eat breakfast with us. She spends her day talking with us, dancing and throwing her toys around. At night, she snuggles with us and watches tv. She loves to nuzzle her way into a fleece blanket "cave" and rub her beak around in there. But, Butterball's all time favorite pass time is to shred paper towels. She chews them, tosses them around and squeals with delight. We love our little Buddy so much and we thank you for the time that you took care of her until she found her forever home here with us.

I hope all is well with your birds!

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