Geebee's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Blue-Crowned Conure

Adopted: June 2009

We are very happy to announce that Geebee was adopted into his forever home. We wish him all the best! We hope to povide updates soon.

Geebee is a blue-crowned clown. He says, “Good Morning,” “Good Boy” (his name is from“GB”) and a handful of other phrases. Geebee was found outdoors and turned in to the Refuge. Geebee’s favorite spot is on my shoulder, and he helps me talk on the phone by interspersing “okay, okay” along with animated gibberish. He is a confident bird, seldom startling. In fact, he shows great interest in all the goings-on in the house. One exception is my big red exercise ball. He does not like that!

He rapidly came to trust me over a short two weeks, progressing from beak-rubs only to laying upside down in my hand. He honks loudly to call for me so he is probably not a good apartment bird. He is unlikely to truly bite but does use his beak to show displeasure, especially near bedtime (7PM.)

He is an easy bird. Although he protests vociferously and gnaws fingers when I ask him to step up off my shoulder, he is cooperating at the same time. He will try any food he sees me eating. Geebee is a healthy, loving, funny bird in wonderful condition.

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