Romeo's Story

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Breed: Waggler's Conure

Gender: Male

Hi, my name is Romeo and I am a male Waggler's Conure. I am a very big conure and at first glance I kind of look like an Amazon!

Just like my name implies, I am a lover! I love to be cuddled and snuggled, but only on my terms. I am a good eater, but a tad bit on the vocal side, so you need to have a house to adopt me and understand that I can be very nippy.

Love always,

Update from Romeo's new mom - February 5, 2009: Romeo has been on meds for almost two weeks and he's not yawning as often. I notice when he scratches his ear he tends to yawn, so I will take him in for a follow up, so I can determine if now this is a mannerism. I guess my moto is, if I am unsure, I take whoever it is to Dr. Sakas, and usually I am correct in being careful and not assuming that everything is okay. In the meantime, Romeo is settling in here. He actually has no sexual preference and he travels between Wayne and I- doesn't mind who is scratching his head and back. He is a very loving bird and hasn't nailed me lately when I have to return him to his cage. He verbally screeches, but if you move slow he is easily peeled off whatever shirt you are wearing!

While I have him in my lap when I am in front of the computer, Romeo love love loves to crawl into my t-shirt sleeve and pick the threads out of the armpit seam of my shirt. And while he's at it, he cuddles into my armpit and makes these incredible noises. He is a wonderful bird, very funny and loving and is extremely responsive to both Wayne and I. You really can't ask for more than that. Wayne loves cuddling him and really this is the first bird we've experienced that genuinely loves to cuddle and be petted like a cat!

Update from Romeo's previous foster home - March 27, 2008: Just as his name implies, Romeo is a lover. While he can be cage aggressive if he does not trust you, he is always excited by someone who comes to talk with him and bangs his toys around excitedly. When out of the cage, he loves to cuddle on people's chests and be stroked; he will even purr to show his comfort. He also rubs his head on a person's arm just before stepping up to show ownership just like a cat! He enjoys munching on scrambled eggs and vegetables and his favorite game is peek-a-boo and laughs with you when you play.

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