Lost Cockatiel

Lost Cockatiel - Cocoa

Name: Cocoa

Date: November 7, 2016

Location: S. Hart Street & Glade in Palatine, IL

My beloved Cockatiel flew away November 7th when I stepped outside to get my mail not realizing he had jumped on my shoulder a moment before. He answered my call for about 5 minutes but I stepped back inside to see if he had flown back in (wishful thinking) and when I returned outside to call him, he did not answer again. I figured he got scared or flew further away.

Six years ago, he had escaped once when an outdoor cage fell over and broke. He was found about 4 days later and returned to us. He had flown several miles away.

He is a full-flighted bird and LOVES to fly. He likes saltine crackers, popcorn and bird seed and answers to wolf whistles and "Where's Cocoa?" or "Cocoa, where are you?"

He's 10 years old and a most chereished member of our family.

Contact: Sandy Bautista
Phone: (847) 417-0100
$100 reward if found