Cecil's Story

Breed: Kitty Cat


Wow, where do I begin. I found you on a farm that was burned down by arsonists and you were all of 5 pounds. I found you with your sister Beanie who had passed years ago. I know you are with her again. You were so loving and I took you home to find you a new home and you worked your way into my heart and here you stayed for 23 years.

You were a good girl Cecil, all the way up to the end. I only wish I had more patience with you, I am truly sorry for that. I also wish I could have been there when you crossed over, but maybe you planned it that way. You were always such a good little girl and we all truly miss you. The birds and Patches miss you too as you were such an inspiration to us all.

We will meet you over the bridge when our time comes.

With love,
Rich and the crew

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