Ron loved the birds and sent us many videos of them with Karen and by themselves. The Refuge brightened his life so much, and we, Ron’s family, thank you all for that and for all the work you do for your precious charges.

Ron is an amazing, remarkable, great soul. He truly practiced this: “When you give … do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” (Matthew 6:3). For example, we all just learned (even his wife Jennifer did not know) of his years and years of care-taking the handicapped gentleman who lived above him at his condo on on S. South Shore Drive, a man who is grieving his loss of Ron as well. He considered Ron his kin.

Ron was such an inspiration to so so many…all his volunteer work, his quiet, profound service to others including his country as Sergeant First Class U.S. Army leading his platoon in the front lines in Vietnam; his decades of giving of love, compassion, hope and wisdom to at-risk kids in Chicago. The social sage that he was, he was always looking for ways to help others on their journeys no matter what color their skin, fur or feathers were, wherever he found them, and with whatever tools he had. He was known for this and he will be remembered for this. For he taught and modeled peace, love and wisdom to all he met.

Love and peace to you, Karen, and everyone at the Refuge,

Katy Jess

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