Budgie's Story

Breed: White Capped Pionus Parrot

Passed: December 8, 2009

He was a white capped Pionus parrot hatched on Nov 14, 1993 and died on Dec 8, 2009.He was the parrot who owned me. He got his name from a children's book called Budgie the helicopter written by Sarah Ferguson. Everyone always thought I had a parakeet because of it.

He never learned to talk but would definitely mimic sounds. He meowed like a cat dead on and learned that from another bird. He loved watching game shows, especially the price is right and would make the spinning wheel beep. I came home from a trip one time and he was imitating the smoke detector. It was quite irritating but that night when I went to bed my smoke detector started beeping. I think it had been doing that the whole time I was on my trip and Budgie was just trying to clue me in to that.

His most favorite thing in the whole wide world was taking a shower and getting the blow dry afterward and of course eating what ever was on MY plate.

I could go on and on with all the stories. He was the most unique character I've ever had in my life and he is sorely missed.

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