Fred's Story

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Breed: Sulpher-Crested Cockatoo

Passed: February 14, 2010

Fred came to us in the middle of 2008. He was an adorable, soft, white cockatoo with a beautiful crest. At first shy, he turned out to be a lover. He loved any attention and loved to come out of his cage and just watch you cleaning his cage.

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that we must write this most difficult e-mail. Freddie passed away late last night. We received a call from Pete Sakas who went into work on his off time after receiving my urgent email regarding Freddie’s ailing health. When I got up in the morning I felt she was not doing well so brought her back to the hospital and was afraid she would not make it. She perked up a bit, but when Pete called me near midnight last night, the news was not good. He went to pet her to see how she was doing and she passed away in his arms. I was there for her necropsy early this morning and preliminarily he is declaring it to be a heart attack, pending further testing. She was a good bird and we are all very deeply saddened by the loss and are missing her terribly today. Take the time to hug your birds a little more today in memory of Freddie for she is now flying free with Koa, Jasmine, Peaches, Essy, Tara, Lucci, & Vytus.

Rich and Karen

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