Gracie's Story

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Breed: Congo African Grey

Gracie was found outdoors in Chicago, and we couldn’t find anyone looking for her. I met her when I picked her up at the vet after she passed the disease testing. She was in a clear acrylic container. Nonetheless, I wiggled my finger in what I call “the international sign for offering to scratch your head.” And she ducked her head down into position. My heart was stolen.

Gracie’s signature phrase is when we ask, “Are you a pirate?” In a deep voice, she answers, “Yo-ho-ho!”

Gracie flew first class out to Portland, OR this summer and adjusted very well once I convinced her the construction cranes across the street (we are on the 6th floor) did not eat birds.

Gracie's Story

Breed: Congo African Grey

Gracie was fortunate to get a second home together with Sylvie at one of our wonderful volunteers, Ellie's home. Unfortunately Gracie succumbed to illness and passed away shortly after she went home.

Gracie was about 25 years old. She had one loving owner and good care, until her owner became ill. She went through a difficult period emotionally as her owner’s health and ability to care for her deteriorated.She began picking her feathers a bit during that time.

Gracie’s very loving and not loud. She’s very healthy and a good eater. She liked a variety of foods, eggs being a special favorite. Gracie preferred men.

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