Kasper's Story

Breed: Lesser Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo

Gender: Female

Hello - Kasper here! I'm a female Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Just in case there was any doubt as to my being a female, I occasionally lay eggs as a reminder.

I was originally kept by a pet shop who felt I was not worthy of being sold due to my feather picking - can you believe that? The nerve of some people...! I was kept in the back room of the pet store for 20 years until the store owner’s daughter took pity on me and brought me home. She kept me for 5 years until it became apparent that I was extremely jealous of the new baby and that's when my mom felt it would be best for me to go to a home that could love me as much as she had. Enough about that though - I don't like to dwell my time spent in the pet store.

I love to get wet, although I don't particularly care for the spray bottle. I much prefer the real shower - just like humans use! As mentioned above, I do have a bit of a plucking habit, but people here at the Refuge don't seem to mind - in fact, they tell me that I'm absolutely gorgeous! I have beautiful eyes and a look on my face that makes it seem as though I am perpetually smiling.

I have a special trick: I can play catch with small bird balls. If you roll me a ball, I'll throw it back! I have been around dogs and seem to get along with them just fine. I tend to have distinct likes and dislikes in my human friends, but until you come and meet me, I won't know if I'll like you (hint, hint!). Make sure to contact the Refuge today to make an appointment to come see me.

Lots of love,

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