Koa's Story

Cockatoo parrot adoption

Breed: Goffin's Cockatoo

Birth Year: July 25, 1994

Passed: May 15, 2006

“Hi Baby”. Gone, But Not Forgotten My baby Koa. You came to me when I was looking for a friend for Harley. They told me that you had two previous homes, starting from Hawaii and ending up here. You were born and named Trisha, aka Nani. Somewhere along the way, your name was changed to Koa, a hard wood indigenous to Hawaii. A name that suited you for your for tough character. The first family did not have time for you once they moved to the states and gave you away. You found another home where they placed you in a cage with an African Grey. You were picked on while you were there. You came to me very timid, with almost no feathers, and a very maloccluded beak. You also fell a lot. This was also before we were an official rescue so I knew that this would be your forever home. While your cage sits empty, your spirit lives on as strong as ever. Sleep well my baby, until we meet again!

“Hi Baby” Now, To Be Heard Only In Our Hearts by Karen Stoner

You began your life in paradise, on an island far from here. You were given the name Trisha, that your owners held so dear. A baby so white as snow and eyes so black as night, you were cherished for all the antics that you did and never left their sight. “Nighty night” and “Aloha” were words they said to you, but to the surprise of your parents, you spoke them back too. A nickname was given to you (Nani) which meant beautiful and everyday as you grew this name you would fulfill.

Life was good but things were changing and heavy hearts drew near, for a new home was in the sights for this baby oh so dear. With sadness and tears your parents said goodbye,and gave you to a new family for only God knows why. Your stay with them was short and sweet, but change your name they did not Trisha anymore, but Koa instead. An island name for an acacia tree that seemed to fit you for every piece of wood you found you would thoroughly chew. Your journey brought you straight to me with arms I opened wide, for I knew I could give you everything that you needed to survive. Your eyes now lightened with a reddish glow looked over my place with a wonder many new faces to get to know and voices to ponder. Your once silky feathers were now dull and missing for the long journey you had taken, but now you had found the home that you had been wishing.

You settled right in and made this your home your sweet voice filled the airyou also liked to play on my shoulder and vigorously preen my hair.Your voice was soft and lovely to hear with "Hi Baby" echoing in the air and when at night I would cough or sneeze you would really seem to care. A screech you would let out as if to say "I'm here, are you ok?" Then with no more sounds from my restless sleep you would simply sing away.

Our favorite times were in the car when the wind was blowing by your head was out the window and you were yelling "Hi Baby” Your little bare butt with a feather or two was swaying back and forth people did a double take, but didn't have a clue. You made me laugh and gave me loveand to you I gave the same. We were meant to be, the two of us, and never separated but life for you was taken early and we had only started. Only fifteen years you shared with me but oh how they filled my heartyou leave me memories of everything from the very start. Although my tears flow now with ease your face I see so clear for you my friend have given me your heart I hold so dear. I pray that now you have your wings to soar throughout the sky for now, KOA, you’re free to see what it feels like to fly.

הם עזבו אבל לא שכחו

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