Pierce's Story

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Breed: Red-Tailed Hawk

Gender: Female

Passed: Summer 2014

Sadly, Pierce passed away during the Summer of 2014. Her necropsy showed that her organs were quite old and just couldn't support her body any longer. Pierce will be greatly missed!

Pierce was a Red Tailed Hawk female who lived in the back garden. She was injured by a car and lost the first 8 or so bones in her one wing. She could not fly effectively, but could jump high enough and loved to attack her food! She was very curious and watched you very carefully for food when you walked towards her cage. We hid the quails behind our backs as we walked up, or else she'd jumps right out of the cage as soon as you opened the door! She had literally run around the cage a couple of times after one of the volunteers with her food in their hands!

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