Sigh's Story

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Breed: Moluccan Cockatoo

Gender: Male

Sigh is one of the most colorful Moluccans at the Refuge and that is because he wears a “Sock Buddy” donated to the Refuge from Suzanne Freeman. His guardian for twenty years was a smoker and the nicotine from the man’s hands seeped into Sigh and consequently he lost most of his feather growth --- hence resulting in the need for the “Sock Buddy”. He is very shy, but loves to be spoken to in a soft voice. He has been described as “mostly bluster, not bite,” and is very quiet for a male cockatoo. Sigh is a special needs bird, but that doesn’t detract from his wonderful personality in the least.

Sigh has moved from adoptee to permanent resident. Sigh came to us in 2004 because his guardian was stricken with emphysema from years of cigarette smoking. This is also why Sigh is a severe feather-picker and mutilator. Sigh had a hole in his chest and was completely un-handlable when he first came to us. He also was so unsteady that he could not/would not step up.

Since living at the Refuge, his chest has healed, he steps up (well, most of the time) and he has fallen for one of our other permanent residents, PJ. Seeing his progress coupled with a long list of medications he is on (nutritional support, pain management, and hypo-thyroid medication), the Board has decided that Sigh would best be served by becoming a permanent resident and here is where he will stay for the rest of his life.

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