Tara's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Scarlet Macaw

Gender: Female

Passed: December 14, 2007

If Tara could, I bet she'd tell you: "Thank you. My life was very confusing at the end, and I was so upset and lonely. When you took me into your home, I was given food and water and so many people played with me and held me. I was very happy. But I was very sick too. Even though I didn't get to say good bye or thank you, I want you to know that I really appreciate what you do here on earth. My life ended on a very happy note, knowing I was loved and that I would be grieved and missed.

Thank you Rich, I'll be waiting on the other side, with all your other friends who you've given so selflessly to."

If I were to guess, there will be a zoo waiting in Heaven for you Rich! All the pets will be waiting to welcome you home, just as you've done for them in your earthly home. I'm not really religious, but I do believe in God and Heaven, and I love to believe our pets will be there to greet us. I sincerely do not know how you find the strength and love (not to mention money) to keep doing what you do, but please never give up. You are amazing and I think thats why we all love you and Karen, and we love coming to your home. We get to feel like we're part of tremendously good deeds called your life. We only come and go for short periods of time, but this is really your calling, your life, your sacrifices. Please remember how much GOOD you do for these guys, even if for just a moment of time in their lives. Thank you, from me, and Tara, and all the other birds currently at the shelter, and those that know if and when they knock at your door, you or Karen will be squeezing cages closer together to make room for them too. I'm so sorry for your/our loss of Tara.

God bless you. Love,

She (yes, we were right, she was a female) had a ruptured oviduct with an immature egg in her abdomen, a mottled and weakened heart, and blood in her gizzard and intestines. She was very loved her two weeks here and will be greatly missed by all.

Thank you all for caring for her so well the short time she was here and keep her spirit in your prayers, she is a blessed soul.

She came at the same day as Linc, 12/5/2007. She was casted as one of the stars of the show. All we knew about her is that her owner passed away. We are trying to get more information at this time.

She was adorable, confident and naked! She definitely had been picking for a while. She had a large appetite, which leads us to believe that she might have been hungry when found. She preferred men, but gingerly stepped up for any arm offered.

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