Charlie's Story

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Breed: Yellow-Collared Macaw

Adopted: October 2016

Hi! I'm Charlie, a Yellow-Collared macaw. Since arriving at the shelter, I've been lucky enough to have been fostered already. See what my foster mom wrote about me below.

Update from Charlie's foster mom - January, 2010:

Personality: Charlie is a perpetual motion machine. He loves company. He is good company for riding around on a shoulder. He is very vocal.

Likes/Dislikes: Charlie likes to chew popsicle sticks, ring his bell, watch you do household tasks and play under his cage blanket. He also likes rattle toys—or else he hates them, it’s hard to tell. He bobs his head to music but I have not figured out what type is his favorite, although he did strongly respond to Sesame Street videos. He gave alarm calls at vacuums.

Foods: Charlie loves the shelter mix. He runs his beak around and around in his food dish. I have not found a table food that he especially responds to, but he will taste everything.

Vocalizations: Charlie is very vocal. If you talk, he talks. If you sing, he sings. If you whisper, he whispers. He says, “Hi Charlie,” “It’s okay,” and when you offer him anything to eat, “Is it good?” He is not an excessive screamer, but he is too loud for an apartment.

Other Notes: We think Charlie may be afraid of men but we are still figuring it out. He was nervous about being out of his cage when he first came to the shelter but stepped up very nicely with some walnut bit encouragement. He will allow rubbing his beak and petting on his head, ears, and back.

Written by: Pat Anderson

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