Curly's Story

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Breed: Ruby Macaw

Jerry and I met Rich down at an adoption event at Windy City Parrot. We were looking for a place to buy bird toys and stopped in. Rich was there with Curly. Wow, what a princess she was….. red and beautiful… look but don’t touch, lol. Curls pretty much hated everyone other than Rich.

Once we started volunteering Curls and I bonded. With birds, sometimes you don’t choose them, they choose you. This is what happened with Curls and I. She decided that she liked me for some reason still unknown to me, and we became good friends. However, she still did not get along with Jerry.

After about a year, Curls decided that she wanted to come and live with us. Apparently, she figured out on her own that for this to happen she needed to bond with Jerry. One day, when I walked into one of the adoption shows a bit late, there she was on Jerry’s arm being as sweet as pie, LOL. You’ve got to hand it to her, she certainly is smart.

Curls has been living with us for a couple of years now and she is still a princess. She still loves Rich and is very happy when he comes over to see her. She also still attempts to bite everyone else.

By Nicki

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