Fry's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Severe Macaw

Gender: Female

Adopted: November 2015

Hi, my name is Fry. Interesting choice in names, huh?

I am a beautifully feathered bird who loves attention. I like to ride around on the shoulders of volunteers that I like and I also love occasional showers. If you think we may be a good match, contact the Refuge about coming to meet me!

Thanks for stopping by.


Update from Fry's Foster home - October, 2013

Fry is an awesome little Severe Macaw. She needs to go to a home where a man can be her primary bond, but that it not to say that she doesn’t do well with women. She loved sitting on my desk every afternoon, coming over occasionally for head scratches, but mostly following the sun across my desk, lifting her face and closing her eyes. She was content to do that for hours. She is very agreeable, can be a tad nippy sometimes, but mostly is just a little doll. She is a good eater, loves to play on her back and snuggle.

Fry bonds, strongly, to the man in her life and needs a home with a man who will cherish her. If that man is not around though, she is happily content with someone else. But, if you are a man, willing to take on a low-maintenance, long-term committed relationship, Fry is your girl. She will be your most fun playmate, your cuddliest little buddy, your most loyal companion and your fiercest protector.

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