Zelda's Story

parrot adoption

Breed: Military Macaw

I am a Military Macaw. My family had to move out of the country and unfortunately could not take me with. I was loved very much. I am still a young bird and can be a challenge acting like a teenager sometimes.

I have been adopted by my lovely foster family and has some friends at home. We hope to get occasional updates to add to the website!

Update from Foster home - June 26, 2008: Zelda has been with us about 3 months now and has slowly matured from that baby girl of two years old. Her vocabulary increases monthly and she is ONE STURDY bird who can out eat the other two birds at our home. Since the earth quake incident where she panicked and lost three major flight feathers she is now growing replacments but still has limited gliding ability. Zelda is well behaved for a 2 year old Macaw and is not a high maintenance gal by any means. Zelda has become a close friend of our African Gray Duncan and frequently shares a perch to keep an eye on kitchen activities and see what is going on outside.

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