As Mic and I have gotten comfy with each other, I've been letting him out on the java tree, and ontop of his cage. He is normally lovely - affectionate, calm, and controllable, but he's recently  taken to bopping over to Lolas cage, where he prances about ontop, gives her googley, sappy eyes, and generally shows off (he is super handsome, afterall). He also tries to regurgitate for her. In my naiveity and ignorance (I'm fairly new to the world au birds), I put some towels ontop of Lola's cage, thinking they would deter him, but this tact just frustrated him. I don't know how many people take Mickey out, but if you do, be aware that he will want to do his bigbeautifulbird routine for Lola on her cage. Towles just tick him off, and if you've already given him walnuts they aren't an effective incentive, I've gotten Mic off Lola's cage by moving it closer to his own, bringing in the big guns (Karen),or simply waiting for him to want to leave,