I took Romeo to the vet yesterday because of his continuous yawning.  Turns out he has a mouth infection and is on medication.  This is common for birds who dunk their food.  He is on Meds now.When I first took him home with me in November, he yawned occasionally, but I didn't know whether this was a mannerism or what, so I thought it was alittle weird, but that was it. When I took him home in January, his yawning was at the same level, so until it escalated last week I still didn't know it wasn't normal. We went on a roadtrip to see Dr Sakas and after $200 of bloodtests (annual) and mouth swabs, he is on cetaphil and the rest of him is exceedingly healthy! Lauren you would be proud of little Romeo-while we were waiting for Dr Sakas, he laid on his back in my hand, I covered his eyes with my fingers and he purrrrrred and then promptly fell asleep. Of course when I put him back in his carrier to take him home, you can guess what happened!