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Lost Bird

By: Clara Lou from PetsLoveBest

Bringing a pet bird home comes with the risk of losing him in the big outdoors. No matter how careful you are, a bird can just fly away from its perch or escape the room through doors before you could react. In a nutshell, accidents happen and you need to prepare for this in advance and act immediately if your bird escapes. The first few hours of dealing with bird escapes are critical so don’t waste time in being hopeless about your lost bird.


A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife is pleased to announce a charitable contribution in the amount of $125,000 courtesy of ABC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and Nikki Glaser.

Glencoe Golf

For several hours Friday, a search was taking place at the Glencoe Golf Club.

The goal was not to find errant tee shots, instead it was to locate as many species as possible.

The golf club hosted the Audubon International Bioblitz, an event during which children ran across fairways and greens in an effort to locate the varying types of plants, animals, birds and flowers nestled in the grounds.

Glencoe Golf

How do we pay tribute to, immortalize and eulogize a person who was our mentor, our friend, our animal caretaker; the list goes on. He was so much to so many, a person bigger than life, yet was very simple in his own needs. He did so much for so many that his passing is going to create, not ripples, but tsunamis. He did little for himself.

Parrot Dangers

Pet birds, like all pets, rely upon us to raise them in a comfortable, healthy, and safe environment. Birds are delicate and fragile and the owners of their forever home must consider all of the additional hazards that can lead to serious and permanent injury, or worse. Even though birds are proven to have high intelligence, it is the owner’s complete responsibility to protect them from the dangers that are in the common household.